Realtek HD Audio Manager Download for Windows 10

We don’t recommend disabling Avast permanently as it will leave your computer vulnerable to external threats like viruses and malware. Disabling Avast for 10 minutes will usually give you enough time to install that software or driver that the antivirus has been blocking. Free Antivirus gives constant infection protection, additionally called on-access or resident protection, absolutely free. In order to stop the program from running completely, you need to check out the first method above about how to disable antivirus. While it has options to switch your antivirus off for some time, it also has the choice to stop it from working permanently. You can simply and easily download the removal tool stated in the Avast Uninstall Utility website.

  • If you want to disable its firewall, repeat the steps how to copy dvds to harddrive and select ‘Firewall’ from the contextual menu when right-clicked on the McAfee icon.
  • If the scenario is applicable, you turn it off.
  • They are more like mini-mods which change the texture of the game for example, from winter to summer.
  • After downloading, you can click the downloaded exe file, and follow the instructions to install the Realtek HD Audio Driver.
  • Now run Discord and see if the problem persists or not.

If you tweak this protection system right, it can be your most valuable ally in conquering cyberspace. As we’ve shown, you can temporarily stop all Core Shields’ functions if needed. However, you can instead just tweak them a bit, adjusting how thorough the file cleanup will be by turning off only those parts that are causing lags. That way, the antivirus will shift its focus to specific types of files and threats, burdening your OS much less.

Quick Fix: 5 Approaches to Fix Discord Crashes when Streaming

Avast antivirus houses plenty of options to protect your device, keeping potential malicious attacks on the internet at arm’s length. If you are using the full or even the free version of this software, you have one of the most robust antiviruses available on the market. Avast Free Antivirus is an all-embracing protection software. It is very consistent and important for your machine when you are browsing the web.

How to Rebuild the Search Index in Windows 11

It is hard for users to figure out the root of the problem as it occurs without any warning or error message. Luckily, here are some proven methods you can use to fix Discord crashing issue. Without further ado, let’s see them one by one. Microsoft has launched its big update in PC OSes, Windows. This has been labeled as Windows 11 and is available to the users. However, some Discord users are using it on Windows 11 and face this crashing issue after installing it on their new Windows. The problem is that many people who faced this crash error tried using the ‘Scan and Repair’ feature.

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